Taxation consulting is giving consultations in the field of taxation.

Taxation consulting allows making taxation payments even and rational, ensuring reputation of accurate taxpayer on reducing general level of taxation payment.

Taxation consulting is a strictly individual service, rendered in the form of staged project with the fixation of intermediate results.

Taxation consulting will help to choose optimal model of taxation in dependence on kind of organization’s activities and lead contractual base, internal organizing documents, elements of discount policy and internal control system to correspondence with this model.

As a rule, taxation auditing – analysis of sectoral special features, present contractual base and current taxation calculation precedes elaboration of such a model.

1 stage of taxation optimization is the elimination of system mistakes in taxation calculation and ensuring the demanding quality of initial documents on the results of taxation auditing.

2 stage of taxation optimization is the elaboration of a new model of taxes payments and reformation contractual base and discount policy. It is possible that the new model will demand dividing Your business functions between different juridical persons or vise verse liquidation of odd links of business-process.

3 stage of taxation optimization the elaboration of mechanisms of regulation steadiness and size of taxes payment for created model.

The directions of taxation consulting:

-          Consultations on the questions of book-keeping calculation, taxation, right.

-          Consultations in the field of international taxation.

-          Consultations and planning taxation of foreign trade operations: customs-duties, excises and taxation on                  additional value.

-          Taxation consultations in the field of social security and salary.

-          Taxation consultations on the questions of enterprise’s reorganization.

-          Taxation planning and optimization of organization’s activities:

-             - the choice of location, leading organs and optimal organizing-legal form;

-             - searching opportunities for advantages and privileges usage;

-             - investigating possibilities of complicated schemes usage, etc.

-          Elaboration of individual taxation schemes, optimal for realization undertaking activities.

-          Analysis of income and profit as a base for taxation.

-          Elaboration of effective policy for reducing taxes (including income-tax, tax on additional value and fees into              social insurance system), customs duties and excises.

-          Taxes restitution.

-          Services on exporting tax on additional value restitution.

-          Determining legitimateness of taxation organs conclusions on the results of taxation auditing and preparation            materials for their contest in case of non-legitimateness.

-          Taxation explanation.

-          Checking of the correctness of reflection in calculation and taxation by clients operations.

-          Effective instruments of changing the tax payment term usage (deferments, consents, tax-credits, investing              tax-credits).

-          Formation of taxation discount registers and documents of taxation reporting, taxation reporting                                presentation.

-          Investigating opportunities for taxation optimization of separate deals.

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