Juridical consulting is rendering services in the sphere of law, combining traditional and unordinary approach to the set problems resolving, and it is also the element of complex consulting service, with in economical, marketing and other directions. It is one of the most interesting directions of jurisprudence. Its attractiveness is in many-sidedness of situations one has to be faced with in the process of work, in complex and unordinary resolving the client’s problems.

It is an integral part of modern business. For safe business keeping it is necessary to follow constantly the changing in legislative base, what is under the force of professional lawyers, which have constant practice, polished technologies and connections, constantly improve their qualification. Consulting in resolving questions governed by law is not only representation, constituent resolutions elaboration and the other typical kinds of activities, but resolving non-standard problems, such as taxation optimization, complex legal analysis of activities, individual system of labour motivation elaboration, placed capital saturation, legal official registration of intellectual property objects as non-material assets.

Not only untraditional problems can find unordinary resolving in “Moldauditing” company layers’ fulfillment. Non-standard and complex approach allows coming to any problem resolving in a new way. Only in such company, as “Moldauditing” psychologists, accountants and other specialists can come to layers’ aid.

Consulting attracts highly qualified specialists. What kind of work will be the next or what has to be faced with can be never predicted. It allows widening specialization and at the same time makes anybody follow the short stories of different fields of legislation. As a result, the lawyers of our enterprise besides narrow specialization get the widest knowledge, due to which they are able to find unordinary resolving of appeared problems. Many specialists combine juridical and economical, accounting skills. Appealing to “Moldauditing” company for the juridical help, You will get not only one sore point problem resolving, but regulation of the whole complex of relationships, connected with it.

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