Financial consulting is the complex of services directed on creation and development of effective and reliable system of financial management of the enterprise.

The specialists of our company are ready to propose the analysis of financial management system of Your activities, on the results of which irrational links of financial flows will be revealed. We shall help You to build correctly the functions of management and accountability and also to increase effectiveness of resources usage of the company by applying instruments of financial planning and revealing the sources of extra finance.

The first stage of financial consulting will be financial management system appreciation. Economical and financial indicators of enterprise’s work, calculated during auditing and also the dynamics of their developing are compared with one base or another. Then the reasons of appearing problems and recommendations on their elimination are investigated. The results of auditing and recommendations are given to the customer as visual and text explanations.

At the present day financial consulting is the service often called for among businessmen, who strive for saving their ability to compete at the market.

Our specialists will help You to work out an effective business plan or hold auditing of elaborated business plan. Appealing to our company You will get reliable financial consulter, who will help You correctly allocate financial resources, reduce taxation and avoid risks.

You may find out the price of financial consulting exactly by sending an order through the form of back connection or by calling us on the telephones, indicated in the part “Contacts”.


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