Business valuation

Valuing of the cost of business is the determining the cost of the company as a property complex, which is able to yield profit to its owner. On holding the valuing examination the cost of all the assets of the company is determined: real estate, machines and equipment, stores, financial investments, non-material assets. Besides, the effectiveness of the company’s work, it’s past, present and future income, perspectives of developing and compete environment at the market are valued separately and then the comparison of the valuing company with the enterprises-analogs is held. According to such a complex analysis the real cost of business as a property complex, which is able to yield profit, is determined.

Business valuation is the determining the cost of business (companies, firms, enterprises) with the consideration of income it is able to bring its owner. This procedure has always served a significant instrument on holding deals of sale and purchase of property. Determining the cost of the main funds of the company is a special case of business valuation. This work is one of the principal factors on determining its market cost.


We render services of valuing and re-valuing:

The cost of business

Distribution of shares

Leasing rate

Sale and purchase of business

Repurchase real estate and property of the company

The object of leasing


For the aims of ISFR

On the division of property and property arguments

For credit receiving

On making investments into capital

On bankruptcy and business liquidation

Registered papers

Writing the property off

On insurance

For taxation optimization

For ensuring guarantee

For handing in reliable management

On business amalgamation/absorption

Detriment and missed profit

For financing

For foundation the company

For judicial process

For customs control

On giving out licenses

On going into financial market.

“Moldauditing” SRL is able to make valuing of:

Small and average business

Large business

Petrol/gas station

Credit organization

Industrial enterprise

Commercial enterprise

Hotel business

Restaurant business

Transport firm

Leasing company

Insurance business


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