Book-keeping services

Book-keeping services are the kind of organization service the companies of small and average business prefer to use and besides they get qualitative and professional book-keeping services. In addition, the company has an opportunity not to support its own accountancy staff, economizing on constituent salary, working place equipment, purchasing and serving licensed programs on accountancy.

Book-keeping service gives an opportunity for concentrating on fulfilling main functions of the enterprise and business developing, not diverting attention to book-keeping bureaucratic delays.

Co-operating with “Moldauditing” SRL in this direction you get a number of advantages:

  1. Book-keeping services help large companies to concentrate principal efforts on realization of the main business idea. In spite of its secondary turn, it is necessary to pay special attention to taxation and financial questions.
  2. The work with our company is much cheaper than monthly payments and supporting accountancy staff. Our company, rendering book-keeping services, makes calculation in our office and gets money only for fulfilling work, without medical, holiday pays and other social packet.
  3. It is very difficult to select qualified and experienced specialist in the sphere of accountancy at the moment and that is why, co-operating with “Moldauditing” SRL it is possible to ensure competent accounting calculation for the firm, because highly qualified and attested specialists work in our company.
  4. Book-keeping services are especially called for at the beginning of the firm’s activities, for example, on delivering zero-balance, which will be not so expensive on serving and it is irrational to keep the own accountant. When the business starts its developing our company will put the necessary accountants staff to it up.
  5. Working with “Moldauditing” SRL not only qualitative calculation is ensured, but also the control of activities. That ia why many founders and also large foreign companies use the book-keeping services of our enterprise in order to reduce risks of financial means lost because of incorrect calculation.
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