Auditing of non-commercial organizations (NCO)

Such non-commercial organizations as funds (including social ones), stock exchanges, partnerships, registered as non-commercial and also big non-commercial organizations, whose currency of balance exceeds in 200000 times established Minimal size of labour payment (MSLP). For these non-commercial organizations auditing conclusion on the results of auditing NCO is included into annual reporting, presented to taxation organs.

Besides, NCO resort to auditors’ services and in another cases. For example, some grant-givers demand confirmation of financial reporting of those non-commercial organizations, which have received grants from them.

Non-commercial organizations resort to auditing organizations’ services also for initiative auditing with the aim of establishing correctness of accountability positing, optimization of taxation, for elaboration budgets of projects, consulting on taxation and another questions.

Auditing of non-commercial organizations differs on its directions from auditing, which is held in commercial organizations, whose activity is directed on getting a profit. The main aims of auditing in non-commercial organizations are:

1)      correlation of NCO activities directions, principles of formation and usage of its property with the aims and problems, determined by regulations and organs of non-commercial management;

2)      confirmation goal-oriented usage of received means, namely appreciation of their usage directions, confirmed estimates, programs, qualitative appreciation and also correspondence absolute size of expenditure to planned indicators with the consideration of limits, imposed by corresponding normative resolutions and donors.

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